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Let's Get you Styled

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Closet Reset

Closet Consultation Session on ZOON or in person 

  • Review items wardrobe and assemble new outfits

  • Build a list of the key missing items to elevate your entire wardrobe

  • Learn about maintaining  balance of fabrics, patterns and elegance in your outfit

Get Styled

Shopping Session on ZOOM or in person

  • Find new items for any occasion

  • Build looks that’ll make you comfortable and confident

  • Stay within your budget

  • Buy according to personal taste, body type, and wardrobe needs


"I would have never bought a shirt like this before our consultation. I got such great feedback on it! So thank you very much"

Galit M

My name is Yael Goldman,

I'm a Personal Stylist.


My passion is creating outfits that tell a story. My goal is to help my clients feel 100% confident in what they wear.


My talent is to choose the right look for my clients for every occasion, based on their figure, personal taste, and budget.


I’m fearless, straightforward and easy to get along with.


I promise a fun, chic and unique experience!


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